Konsortium Merino ram sale 2016 at Jandon Park 042
Konsortium Merino ram sale 2016 at Jandon Park 042

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Industry standard is 77% 'lambing' – Our system has commercial clients 'weaning' 120-134% to ewes joined.

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Konsortium Merino ram sale 2016 at Jandon Park 042
Konsortium Merino ram sale 2016 at Jandon Park 042

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Welcome to

Konsortium Merino Australia

KMA is quite a unique breeding system! A combination of genetics from South Africa and Australia along with my revelation of how a merino can be bred. A wrinkle free animal that is highly fertile and fecund. A robust, meaty carcass producing a very fast growing, high quality wool that can be shorn more frequently than 12 months (most clients are generally shearing every 6mths).

Our genetics are well above industry average for fat, muscle ( EMD) and growth. 

Our focus is on an ethically sustainable, highly profitable enterprise that also has cost reducing in mind.

 We have the genuine non-mulesed article!

We question tradition and its irrelevance to the commercial operator and in particular the unhealthy compromising of the merino animal itself!

Welcome to radical thinking and what we believe is a very exciting way forward for both the industry and the Merino :)

Backed by over 30 years experience in the sheep and wool industry, sheep breeding consultant, Scott Heeney of Tamworth New South Wales established the Konsortium Merino Australia Services in 2012...

 Our vision at Konsortium Merino Australia is to act responsibly in the breeding and farming of the Merino. We have been given the privilege of stewarding both land and animals and we desire to partner with our creator to reach the best possible outcome.

KMA genetics have become a solid foundation for sourcing genetics that are the natural and ethical solution to merino breeding, addressing the mulesing issue whilst remaining highly profitable...

Konsortium-Merino evolved in 1996 from a unique partnership between four Merino breeders from Victoria West, a town in the central Karoo region of South Africa's Northern Cape province. An idea, spontaneously kindled around a braai fire, has since sparked one of the Merino industry’s greatest genetic successes.

  • High growth rates

  • High muscling

  • High fat

  • No mulesing

  • Much higher rates of fertility and fecundity than industry standards 

  • clients shearing more frequently than once a year

  • Increased red meat yields

  • Superior processing wools

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