Australian Konsortium / Multi Purpose Merino Services - Merino Classing using mother nature. Contact Scott Heeney.

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“True to type” breeding means less wastage.

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Australian Konsortium / Multi Purpose Merino Services - Merino Classing using mother nature. Contact Scott Heeney.

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The Company

Backed by nearly 30 years experience in the sheep and wool industry sheep breeding consultant, Scott Heeney of Tamworth New South Wales established the Australian Konsortium Merino Services in 2012.



Why Konsortium Merino genetics?


Scott specialises in designing and implementing a Merino breeding system different to traditional methods and genetics. The system is not focused on wool alone but a variety of combined attributes that lead to a more natural, sustainable, ethically favorable, profitable, cost effective and efficient enterprise.


In an analysis of profit drivers, the largest increases are made in weaning % of which we achieve much higher weaning to ewes joined rates, with most clients well over 100% over the previous 5 years.


The services are available to, and an option for, breeders of all types of sheep. i.e. Merino, corriedale, polwarth, dohne, samm, dorper, maternals, etc.


Initially the process can vary, depending on existing management practises, genetic background and willingness to change. Typically a breeding program is based on a 5 year commitment to seeing complete flock transformation.

The system is now supported by the achievements of Konsortium Merino and the wrinkle free genetics and experience. Contact Scott to learn more about the classing strategies used for commercial operations.



Why use an Independent Breeding Consultant?


Most farmers only getting to see other sheep on neighbouring properties, at trials, sales and the occasional show. Typically this stifles innovation and progress. Whilst some farmers battle on with problems which have existed for generations, others have switched to exotics, and others have exited the industry altogether.


Engaging an independent consultant's like Scott brings experience, insight, and progress to an operation. Sheep breeding consultant’s travel throughout the nation and overseas as a part of their work. This provides a wealth of experience and insight which most farmers are simply not able to obtain.


Employing the services of a specialist breeding consultant is no different to using other specialist farming services such as agronomists, vetenarians, diesel mechanics, or electricians. Not only does Scott specialise in the establishment of a breeding system but he will also provide a different perspective and dimension to your existing structures. Read testimonials.

So What's The Big Difference?


This system uses Mother Nature as the chief classer. The result is a large, uncomplicated Merino which is robust, fertile, fecund, efficient, low maintenance, mules free, and producing high yielding quality fleece and carcass.


Wrinkle free is working "with" nature, not against it!

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