Australian Konsortium / Multi Purpose Merino Services - Merino Classing using mother nature. Contact Scott Heeney.

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“True to type” breeding means less wastage.

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Australian Konsortium / Multi Purpose Merino Services - Merino Classing using mother nature. Contact Scott Heeney.

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Two seed-stock breeders currently supply the genetics for the Konsortium Merino.

David Thompson, "Moojepin", WA



We breed merinos with early growth, muscle and quality wools. Moojepin MPM has been breeding under the MPM banner for 10 years now. Initially the focus was on eliminating wrinkle and once that was achieved it was time to fully focus on the production traits.


We us ASBV's to advance our early growth, muscle and fat levels. Since our sheep have become uncomplicated our lambing rates have risen and this has been passed on

to our clients in a dramatic way. We have either been number 1 or 2 for price average for WA's on-property rams sales for the last 7 years.

Stud Details


This stud was founded in October 1992 and registered in February 1993 by DW and SE Thompson, by the purchase of the entire stud flock of ROSEBANK FN4536 which included 9 rams, 50 ram lambs, 150 ewes and 50 ewe lambs.



Stud name: Moojepin
Flock no: MW4637
Owner details:  DW & SE Thompson

Micron:  19 (based on 5 year adult flock average)

PO Box 625
WA 6317

Phone: 08 9821 1083
Fax: 08 9821 1083

Chris Blowes, "Jandon Park", NSW



Jandon Park is located 10kms from Molong on the western edge of the Central Tablelands. The 400ha property is predominately red loam soils with some lighter shale soils adjacent to the Bell River.


We were traditional merino breeders running 1200 ewes and marking 900 lambs in a good season. We were lucky enough to secure 160 ewes from Glendemar in 2003 and they are the basis of our flock now.


By focusing on fertility traits, ie. plain bodies, open faces and thin skins, we are now running 900 ewes and marking 1200 lambs, MPM sheep have consistently raised 130% of lambs over the last 4 years. The fact of dewrinkling the sheep enables us to have long soft high yielding wools that can be shorn every 8 months.

With a 50% increase in fertility we are now able to sell a lot more surplus sheep. We are not only wool producers but meat producers with whether lambs averaging 26kg dressed at 9 months. MPM sheep have given us versatility that we never had with traditional merinos.


At present we are only commercial ram breeders, but hope to become a registered stud in the near future.


Flock averages: Adults - 19 micron, 5.5kg over 12months; Lambs - 18 micron.


Goals that we had 5 years ago have been met, so future goals are


  • 150% lambs weaned

  • 18 micron flock average

  • Shearing every 6 months


If we can continue our genetic progress, I think these goals can be achieved within 5 years.

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