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The Benefits

Around Australia environments, climate, property size, enterprise focus, flock size, management techniques, markets, and farmers all differ. Over time, however, the following is proving to be constant, the implementation of an AusKon Merino breeding programme delivers an animal that produces results.



No Mulesing - Ethical breeding leading to nil or minimal mulesing


Commercial relevance - A variety of market options i.e. meat; fleece; re-stockers; prime lamb mothers; etc.


Low maintenance - No body wrinkle means less risk of flies/ less chemical use and a reduction in overall cost.


Higher rates of fertility and fecundity - commercial clients obtaining 130% up to 147% for their mixed age breeding ewes. Maidens consistently weaning over 100%


Some clients are now shearing twice a year!


Increased constitution - better doers


Better feed conversion


Earlier maturing


Increased red meat yields - longer loins & better butt shape


ASBV's - The Highest ASBV’S for growth, fat and muscle in the industry means potentially much higher production and returns


True to type - breeding / less wastage and demand from restockers


High weaning % = an increase in younger ewes to sell off. They are sold as surplus to requirement not “cast for age” and therefore can demand a higher asking price


Produces superior processing wools - Length increase making shearing 3 x in 2 years or twice a year possible, change in fleece structure enhances yield, VM reduction, micron reduction, CV reduction and tightening, softer wool


Shearing - Increased frequency of shearing (e.g. - twice a year or 3 times in 2yrs)

Increased output. More numbers done in a day = reduction in overheads, reduction in skin pieces, less stress on animals, encourage learner-shearers

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