2005-02-28 April 2016 classing road trip with Manuela 027
2005-02-28 April 2016 classing road trip with Manuela 027

farmer 4_edited
farmer 4_edited

2005-02-28 April 2016 classing road trip with Manuela 027
2005-02-28 April 2016 classing road trip with Manuela 027


The Natural Merino

"Having been given dominion over land and sea and all contained on and in it, it seems man has done a pretty ordinary job when it comes to the Merino sheep. Shearing or crutching fly blown sheep is no fun, witnessing fly blown sheep walking around in paddocks being eaten alive is hard to take and mulesing, unfortunately necessary in most cases with the traditional Merino, is a cruel process. Genetically and deliberately preventing these situations is high on my agenda. The cool part is that we end up with a much better animal in the process!" - Scott Heeney



Geneticall Better


Deliberately preventing complications common to traditional Merinos through genetic improvements is high on the agenda of Australian Konsortium Merino services. The aim is an animal more in tune with nature and overall a better commercial solution.


Konsortium Merino Australia has taken its lead from Konsortium Merino South Africa. By using nature as a major selector, South African Konsortium-breeders have over years broken away from the traditional Merino with pleats. In a climiate similar to Australia, the Konsortium-Merino has come into its own.


South African Konsortium Merino genetics are now in Australia and combined with the strengths of Multi Purpose Merino genetics have resulted in a more robust Merino, which produces well under natural conditions.


This Merino is larger, plain-bodied, open-faced and has less bellies and points. That which is lost in wool density, is gained in length. The type boasts good constitution, better reproduction and better mothering abilities.


Our breeding system is unique. It utilises factual Science and Biology and blends these key ingredients with a good dose of common sense while working with nature!



Strict Selection


Austalian Konsortium Merino classing services employs a very different selection process. Classing looks for wrinkle free skin types, eye muscle depth, growth rates and fat whilst maintaining the wrinkle free status.


Diligently an animal has been bred that is far more in tune with nature. An unencumbered animal that is robust, fertile, fecund, efficient, low maintenance, mules free, producing high yielding quality fleece and carcass.


Wrinkle free is working "with" nature, not against it.





Australian Konsortium Merinos are described as having a strong, very open (bare) head, with a masculine look to the males and ewes being feminine. They possess a structurally sound, wrinkle free body that has excellent carcase attributes and shape. An animal that does not need to be mulesed.


They are much like the look of a good white Suffolk or first X. The fleece structure is free growing and has fibre bundles not staples of fast growing, soft, lustrous, deep & bold crimped fibre.


They are often referred to as looking like a X-bred with excellent wool.

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