Australian Konsortium / Multi Purpose Merino Services - Merino Classing using mother nature. Contact Scott Heeney.

“True to type” breeding means less wastage.

Australian Konsortium / Multi Purpose Merino Services - Merino Classing using mother nature. Contact Scott Heeney.


A Short History

Scott originates from Tamworth New South Wales, growing up in the family butcher shop. He completed his wool classing stencil in 1989, and worked extensively in the shearing industry along the way completing three shearing schools, an overseer’s school, an advanced wool classing cert, and operating his own crutching trailer for a short period.


His experience then led him to become a wool rep and eventually a State manager for TWG / Itochu. In 2000 he qualified as a sheep classer and became involved in the SRS© (Soft Rolling Skin) system. It was from here that he was able to pursue his real passion, developing his talents as a sheep breeder and increasing his scientific and biological knowledge. By 2003 Scott was commiting all his time toward the SRS and AMM (Australian Meat Merino) systems. This then changed in 2005 when AMM became MPM (Multi-Purpose Merino) formed by 9 breeders and 2 independent sheep classes, one of these being Scott. The focus on breeding consistently for Wrinkle Free animals had become possible in Australia.


In 2006 I travelled to South Africa to visit the Konsortium Merino breeding operation. I spent time with John Luscombe and Gawie Van Heerden and their families along with the very wise Phil Van de merve. Phil was a great inspiration, a humble and yet very passionate person that basically broke the ranks of tradition and set his sights firmly on developing this definate 'type' of Merino contrary to the opposition from tradition and other unbelievers! Phil has passed on but his legacy has not. Konsortium sell and have been selling the most rams in SA for the last 6 yrs. 

This trip and association has firmy planted the concept and vision for our way forward here in Australia



A Personal Testimony


"In  2005-06 I found myself personally in a place that was pretty messy. Glandular fever, Barmah Forrest (mosquito born virus) and then Ross River Fever resulted in me developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. During this my marriage broke down, I had a couple of mates die, in seperate incidents; the company I worked for made me redundant all of which left me asking questions and searching for options. My search ended when I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and found the hope I needed In Jesus Christ.

I was baptised and made a commitment to follow Christ in December 2006 becoming a Born Again Christian. Religion and law aren't for me, but a relationship with Jesus helps in every way.

I guess this has added another dimension as to why I am so passionate about what we are doing. The Bible says that man was given dominion over land and sea and all contained on and in it. We are given the responsibility to steward what we have been given!  personally think that a pretty ordinary job has been done in breeding  the Merino so my agenda is to genetically and deliberately returning this animal back to how nature intended it to be. To not only benefit the animal but also those that are involved in this wonderful industry."


- Scott Heeney


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