Australian Konsortium / Multi Purpose Merino Services - Merino Classing using mother nature. Contact Scott Heeney.

“True to type” breeding means less wastage.

Australian Konsortium / Multi Purpose Merino Services - Merino Classing using mother nature. Contact Scott Heeney.


"The Australian Konsortium Merino system has evolved into a solid foundation for sourcing genetics that are the natural and ethical solution to addressing the mulesing issue whilst remaining highly profitable. These unique genetics are not replicated anywhere else in Australia. Our vision is to see the sheep and wool industry both in Australia and globally impacted in a way that Konsortium - wrinkle free Merino's will be breeder and industry's preffered choice to farm with.


The discipline of the committed seed-stock producers, combined with their common sense approach and guidelines from science and biology, has placed us in a position to have the best possible ethical and sustainable genetic solution for so many producers in the industry.

I believe that the future of the sheep and wool industry lies in the willingness to accept change and to forego tradition with its supposed past glories. The solution to many problems can be found in genetics sourced from those that are achieving the desired results combined with a correctly implemented breeding programme."
- Scott Heeney



How can we help your business?


Working alongside breeders, Scott works to develop a flock with genetic attributes that produce the desired results. Sourcing genetics from this seed-stock and combining this with a breeding programme delivers the best results for your business.


As has been the experience of our clients, significant increases in weaning percentages will increase overall productivity. Not only will you have more wethers to sell but you will also have a younger ewe base of which the surplus can be sold. The overall clip of your flock will become finer and increases in meat yields and growth rates will provide further returns for your business.


Produces can also expect a reduction in overheads. As reduction in the fly control required means less time, labour and chemical costs. Not having to mules not only reduces stress on animals but also increases young animal productivity whilst saving time and labour.


Contact Scott Heeney today to discuss how his services can assist your business.

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